Top 10 Best Office Chair under $300 (Reviews)–2019 Update

Want to get a cozy comfortable and convenient office chair at very low rates? Even as low as $300? We have made an easy decision making for you. Here is an exciting article for this.

It must be noted at the start that the Best office chairs under 300$(Dollers) vary in sizes, shapes and materials. This variation also affix the prices of the office chairs. These chairs have different foam sears, back shapers, arm rests, height adjustments and body designs.

Most ideal office chair consist of a comfortable seating pan, high back, elegant body design, clearable leather armrests, neck rest and pneumatic adjustments. Such office chairs are available in the market as well.

Let us have a quick and quality analysis of these amazing office chairs under $300. It is quiet difficult to come up with a single product with all features of comfort, cheapness and quality. Therefore, we have made a top ten list of the most  preferred office chairs in the market.

Here we go with the list of top ten, from bottom to above, highest rated and most recommended office chairs available at a price range of $300.




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Homdox Ergonomic Mesh office chair

Homdox Ergonomic Mesh office chair

Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Black

Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with 

DX Race Formula Series DOH/FD01

DX Race Formula Series DOH/FD01

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big

Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush

Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush

office start meh back and Seat

office start mesh back and Seat

best office office chair desj ergonomic swivel

best office office chair desj ergonomic swivel

Flash Furniture BL-X-5M Chair

viva office high back mesh chair

This is a product of viva office which is also k ow  for making quality furniture and home decors. The office back mesh chair is available under $300 in the market and online as well.

This chair is the best fit for the newly set up offices and home businesses. It can help you to create a classy impression on the clients as well.

The chair with its classy and elegant design fits best into every type or nature of the office. The premium fabric on the office chair keeps it from wear and tear and also helps to eliminate sweat. The black mesh also avoids the summer back sweat.

It is an amazing feature of the viva office high back mesh chair, that it has a very used-to body. It doesn’t draw extra attention towards itself, rather dives a decent and classy touch to the office environment.

This high range office chair is capable to support over 250 pounds of weight without dumping of its foam seating pan. The strengthful and elegant office chair is also capable of eliminating the back and eyes discomforts due to an uneasy sitting.

The office chairs also has two comfortable and soft arms rests right at the correct positions. These comforts prevents un-necessary discomfort and helps in longer works.

The office chairs weighs about 41 pounds and is available in black fabric color. Originally, the chair is sold in boxes which requires assembly before use. But not to worry for this, this assembly can be carried out easily within 15 minutes

The chair also has a sensitive and accurate pneumatic control to adjust the height of the chair as per need and comfort. Similarly, the neck rest can so ne adjusted separately to the required height. The arm rests also adjust to the required heights without any change in the back or neck adjustment.

It has a 180° tilt angle controlled from a hand gear. This feature is what a person really looks for in a office chair. The hand lever can be pushed forward to lean the chair forward and similarly, backward to tilt the chair to the back.

It has smooth and soft, anti-scratch nylon wheels which move soundlessly in the office, preventing disturbance and discomfort.

The design of the chair makes it comfortable to the person sitting. The lumber support relieves the lower back and avoid backache.

This chair is available with a  free component warranty of two years. So that if you kiss handle the assembly or find any calamity, you may contact the viva office for the free replacement and assembly.

This is a nice combination of quality, comfort and superior performance in an affordable rate.

This is the best ergonomic office chair under $300 that can be used as an office chair. The design and thick body helps to maintain the right posture when the person sits on the chair. Tie char has a special built-up for the lower and upper back regions

This chair also goes upright if you need it. So this chair is one of the sturdy and high quality short chairs.

The chair is compatible with high quality mesh which is breathable and prevents sweat. The chair has a 360° bend and tilt angle so you can adjust the chair as per your need.

The chair has a soft and comfortable seating pad which is made up of 2.5 inches of nylon base polyurethane seating pad gives a comfortable seating. The chair can support upto 200 pounds of weight without any damage.

This chair has a fire resistant body. The foam is fir resistant and is capable to provide a comfort lasting 9 hours.

The chair is compatible for use in office of any room, hotels, homes and any other workplace.

The chair has a feasible arm rest which cab help greatly in relieving idle stress as well. This chair has multiple adjustment gears and levers which can adjust its height, arm rests and neck supports. The maximum height of the chair can be 42.25 inches.

This customizable and comfortable office chair is very feasible in means of providing back comfort and lumbar support. It also relieves the extra load from the body.

The chair has lever locks as well. You can lock the chair at a certain position at any angle easily so the chair doesn’t move anyway. Thus helps the people to use the chair as conveniently ad they can without the fear of sudden collapse.

The chair is available in black color and is found with the price range of $300.

#8: Best Office high back chair

The best office high back chair acquires the 8th position in the list of highest rated office chairs.

The chair us a super comfortable and feasible furniture for you. The material is water and oil resistant which keeps it from stains even while having breakfast, thus relieving the people about its hygiene.

best office office chair desj ergonomic swivel

This chair has many features similar to most of the other chairs discussed here. The chair is available in market and online as well.

The chair has a comfortable seating with a multi layer high back. It ensures the comfort of the back through  and also prevents lumbar and neck stress.

This chair has a wide seating pan which is around 20 Inches wide. The high back od the chair of about 26 inches keeps people from the back and shoulder pain.

The chair has a 360° tilt swilling angle  the chair can be adjusted at any angle vey easily. This chair can also help you to glide over small distances while working through its smooth and scratch free wheels.

This chair can increase upto the height of 19 to 23 inches which can adjust to the user height very easily. This height can help in the complete comfort of the back.

The chair also has the adjustable arm rests and neck rests that can adjust to a decent and comfortable label of your height and torso so you can enjoy a comfortable work. The neck rests are also provided with its own tilt angles so you can have a comfortable sitting experience.

This chair is capable to support about 250 pounds of weight easily and has a 3 times denser seating pan, which is capable to support heavier weights as well.

The chair is available in multiple colors including white, black and brown. Thus it can play a good part un thematic offices and home decors.

The chair also helps to eliminate the lumbar and lower back pain with its easy and feasible lumbar support. The base of the chair and the arm rests works very well in long work hours and relieves the body greatly.

This chair is also available at as low as $300 in the market and be a good product to be used in offices. The chair with its remarkable features stands at the 8th position in our list.

#7: DX Racer Formula Series DOH/FH11

This is one of those high quality office chairs which are manufactured under strict regulation and check in order to ensure the luxury and comfort of the users. The chair is very comfortable and has a perfect back and neck rest with proper adjustments for a proper sitting.

DX Racer Formula Series DOH/FH11

This chair is widely used in offices and other work stations. The chair is also very popular among the gamers due to its convenient features and attractive design. It has a very soft and comfortable sitting pan which makes it easier for you to sit and enjoy on it for hours. There are side fittings for shoulder to spine which provides a great support.

The chair has a nice and properly fit lumbar support which helps the user to sit comfortably and work for hours without complaining for the back and neck aches.

The chair is capable to carry 300 pounds of weight easily. The chair had a large variety of colors to choose from, including black, red, white, orange, blue and some other colors. The chair is so composite that it adjusts to every environment easily and enhances the beauty.

The chair has a large tilting angle at various points, ensuring proper adjusts to the user and provides comfort.

The chair has hydraulic levers and adjustments system so you can attain a maximum height of 45 to 47 inches as per your height. The heights of the arm rests are also adjustable to a maximum of 3.5 inches.

There is also a lock feature so you can lock your adjustment to where they are as well.

The chair has a comfortable back which can tilt to about 180°, so you may also have rest and to a power nap during the hasty work hours.

The chair has a lumbar cushion at the lower back for a comfortable sit  the tilting angles the adjustable heights ensure that the user is easy. The chair also offers a 2 years parts warranty for the chair.

All these exciting features and abilities make the chair stand at the 7th rank in our list. This chair is ideal for people of all sizes and all age.

#6: office star mesh back chair

Next in our list is the office star mesh office chair which you may use for your office and household work. This chair is a best super featured and cheap chair available in the market. This nice and exciting chair has  breathable mesh back support which provides a sweat free and comfortable seating for hours.

The elegant body design ad the mesh formation helps to the proper adjustment of chair with the body and a comfort for the thighs as well. The chair has a wide span so that you may sit comfortably throughout.

office start meh back and Seat

The arm rests have a leather covering that whole your hand comfortably and also assist you while typing.

There are sound bless and smooth wheels so you can move your Through small distances while working. The chair is available in black and gray color with a back hood they has 5 white strips.

The chair weighs around 36 pounds assembled and makes up an easy use. The chair has a armless support as well. You may move the arm rests upwards when needed to convert it into an armless chair when needed.

The chair is capable to increase the back span by 17 to 21 inches. The lumbar back support is also helpful in making it a nice and comfortable chair. The chair can carry as much as 250 pounds of weight.

The parts and the materials used in the chair are of high quality, which add an additional touch to the marveling features of the chair. The chair is well built and has a nice design.

These features make the chair worthy for the 6th position in our list.

#5: Boss Office Products

The 5th in our list, stands the classy and comfortable boss Office products chair.

The chair, capable of carrying 250 pounds at once, is a completely professional and trendy chair. Hus chair can create an impression of superiority and elegance on you clients of the chair is used in the meeting and the office cabins as well.

Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush

The chair has a decent and smart full back support with nice adjustment angles for a feasible seating.

The chair is available in three shades; brown, black and gray. Thus, these can be easily chosen to match with the office them or the interior decor. The nice curvy shape of the back support keeps your spine erect and comfortable throughout, avoiding aches and pains.

The chair also has a built-in lumbar support and Cushion, which provides a support to the lower back and the spine. The sift and cozy cushion layers ensure the comfort for the whole day.

The chair also has comfortable arm and elbow rest so your hands are also relieved throughout.

This exciting chair has heavy pneumatic controls and support. This can be used to adjust the size of the seating and the increase and decrease your height while sitting.

The double caster wheels help you to move through the distances easily and soundlessly. The hooded base of the wheels also adds an elegant touch to the chair.

The chair supports a 360 degrees tilted motion so you can use the chair for multiple purposes. The back of the chair is 42 inches high, 27 inches wide and can support about 35p pounds of weight.

#4: flash furniture Hercules series

Now we are closer to our expert chair advises. The 4th in our list if the chair from flash furniture Hercules series. This exciting series  shows the power, as its name at the first glance.

The large, comfortable and cozy chair shows the convenience of the user. The layers cushions all along the chair gives an immense comfort and support to the spine.

 Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb

The high back support which extends to the pectoral region as well, providing a larger support and comfort zone.

This chair is also known as the 9-5 office chair in the market. The built-in exciting and comfortable lumbar cushion supports relieves the lower spinal aches and mishaps. Thus, enables it to be used for the long works, specially the 9-5 office works.

The chair has been seen to perfectly carry 500 pounds of weight well. This can be customized as per the heights of the user as well.

The 360 degrees rotating caster wheels allows you to move at your work field i.e. office table easily. The tilting angles also adds beauty to this chair.

The chair also has comfortable arm rests so you can relax your hands after hast working hours. These arm rests also provides support while typing and hold your arms firmly.

The classy look of the chair and its shinny matte black color attracts the eyes and also enhance the office appearance.

The chair has a 5 hooded base with shimmery silver  color which delights the eyes. The pneumatic levers also provides a gliding adjustment from within the hand regions.

The chair also has a comfortable head rest. You may like to take a power nap when you are tired of your work and frustrated. The back, neck and arm supports are at constant work throughout and provides a nice support.

The chair is ideal for people who have long work at a single place like the call agents, government employees and the control room engineers.

As powerful as its name, the chair can carry 500 pounds easily.

The chair has exciting adjustments and soft body, which supports your body through. The chair gives the best to the price which is lower than $300.

#3: DX Race Formula Series DOH/FD01

Getting closer to the list leads, the 3rd position is occupied by the comfy office chair by the DX Raver Formula Series. It is a series introduced for the gamers but it can also play a good role in offices and other work centers.

The chair has a cold and comfortable foam filling, which provides extended support for hours without deflation. The chair has a breathable mesh seat back so there are no sweat marks ever.

DX Race Formula Series DOH/FD01

The chair has a tall structure, with a wide back support and seating pan. The chair is capable to carry about 200 pounds and more easily. The 360 degrees smooth gliding motion and the adjustable sides are an add to the marvel.

The chair has a firm set frame and a 5 mold base. The pneumatic adjustments can be used to change the height of the chair at various points, upto the level of comfort.

The comfortable arm rest also relieves the arms easily and  can be adjusted according to the work table for a better working. The height can be controlled easily just through the hand lever right below the seating pan.

The chair can also be tilted to any angle and area for a comfortable sit. There are separate fits for neck, shoulder and pelvis. The erect back support with fine adjustments and bumps keeps your spine safe and straight and also helps you to take a power nap.

The double caster wheels also provide nice and easy motion through small distances without sound and scratches and maintains the working environment.

The chair might look a bit tough but it has its own bold loom and provides a long lasting comfort. This chair is one of the most comfortable computer chairs ever made.

#2: Comfort Products 60-5800T Chair

The comfort products are known for producing the best office and computer chairs since 1919. The comfort products has made another feasible and comfortable office chair 6P-5800T. This chair is made up of leather and it efficient enough to support about 350 pounds of weight.

The chair hosts comfortable and soft cushions at various points providing a comfortable seating throughout. The wide span of the seating pan provides comfortable and free movement of your legs.

Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Black

The nice and elegant shape of the chair ensures that your back is in a comfortable and straight posture.

The built-in lumbar support also relieves the lower back pain and provides a comfortable seating.

The leather make up of the chair matches the office and the environment setup nicely. The theme and your decor gets a better view as whole.

The chair has sever adjustments that work under pneumatic controls. The back, neck and arm rests can be controlled and adjusted through these adjustments. The chair is also plays a nice part in the power naps.

The chair can be adjusted easily through the settings and the height can be adjusted for people with  heights over 6 feet. The tilt and motion can be adjusted easily and provide the maximum adjustment to the user.

The chair can be leaned back for a power nap and the comfortable arm rests can also be adjusted for a better and even more relaxing work. There is a 5 hooded base with double caster nylon wheels for sweat and easy movements.

The chair as whole and assembled weighs around 54 pounds. The chair is the most comfortable chair you can use.

1: Homdox Archeer Ergonomic Chair

The list is topped by the Homdox Archeer Ergonomic Chair which is the most comfortable chair that is available within $300.

This chair with high density and back mesh of polyester avoids sweat and also prevents sweat patches on the chair due to its breathable structure.

Homdox Ergonomic Mesh office chair

The chair has a wide span and broad seating pan which can provide a free thigh movement throughout. This can help you to have a prolonged comfort and a better work while you sit on this chair.

The resistant arm rests also support and hold your arms when you type. The chair is available in two colors; black and red.

The comfort of the chair reaches to its zenith when you lean backward. The chair can carry about 200 pounds of weight you can have a sweat free sitting and nap on this chair as well.

The chair can be adjusted to the required heights and upto the required levels. The easy hand levers can be easily used to adjust the chair heights.

The chair also has an auto adjusting management that can adjust to your spine and back positions easily and provide the maximum comfort.

The lumbar cushion also provides a comfortable lower back region. This reduces the back pain and also helps in a better relief of the body stress. The smooth double caster wheels can help you to loco mote through small distances during the work.

The nice shape and the adjustments of the seat not only maintains the posture of the body but also mildly massages the body and enhance the blood circulation.

The chair has passed many durability and ability tests and after achieving a success rate of 100%, this chair has been ranked number 1 in the list of best office chairs.


So we have presented the top 10 highest rated best office chairs that you may use. These all are available in the market at a range of less then $300.

The most significant part of getting an office chair is its assembling. The chairs described above are available with their own assembly guides so they can assembled conveniently.

Choose the best office chair for you and have a fun filled work!

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