10 Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain

Have become a back ache patient after working for long hours?

Try to have a once and comfortable Best Lounge Chair for Back Pain living room chair specially designed for the back ache patients. Best Most comfortable living room chairs are available in the market but it is difficult for people to choose the best and the most comfortable living room chair for them.

It must be noted that some living room chairs are especially designed for the back pain patient as they have sophisticated and elegant designs and specifications.

As compared to the past, the number of back ache patient have increased to a great extent people have to do hours of work while sitting at a single place and no relaxation. This has drawn people of a from the physical work and they are becoming best recliner for back pain back pain patients.

Here we have made an analysis of the top 10 best living room chairs especially designed for the back ache patient.

It is quite useless to work in Office which expenses your health. Therefore, you must have a comfortable and relieving seating for you, so as to keep your physical health intact. There are so many is specifications in the best Home chair for lower back pain chairs.

A critical point that must be mentioned at this stage is that a wring choice of chair can make your injury or pain severe and can give worst results. Therefore, we have tried our best to create a list of top 10 comfortable living room chairs that dedicated specially to the back ache patients.

This article consist of the lumbar support living room chairs for home. The office chairs for the back ache patients will be described in the later article.

These chairs are helpful for your back ache or back injury as they keep your posture correct and also provide support to you lower back and lumbar.

Lets have a look at the top 10 best living room chairs for back pain.

#10:serta executive office chair review

Number 10 in our lust id the Serta executive chair. This is an elegant and comfortable chair by Serta.  Serta executive is known to be one of the best high back chair. The high back support makes it ideal for use in offices and homes as well.

Serta Executive Chair by Serta

The high back and the multi-layered seat pan consist of layered pillows and cushion which ensures the maximum comfort and relaxation of the user.

The chair is capable to carry 350 pounds of weight easily. The chair has 360 degrees rotating dua caster wheels which can help you to move without getting up and aching you back.

The chair also has a nice and comfortable feature of head rest which evolves to a comfortable angle for a relaxed posture of the head. The nice and sophisticated design of the seat known as the waterfall design divides the overall body pressure, relieving legs from excessive pressure while sitting, and providing opportunity to focus on the work. This also helps in increase the effective blood circulation in the body.

The chair has a built in lumbar support cushion which supports the lower back effectively. This also helps in the power nap by providing a comfortable multi layered sift cushion beneath. The arm tests also hold your arms while working and dusting power naps.

The chair has 5 dual caster wheels, which move swiftly in 360 degrees. You may move freely in your work space with this swift motion. The wheels doesn’t produce any sound, thus, they doesn’t disturb any one and maintain the work decorum.

The chair is available in exciting and attractive colors of beige and gray, which is accompanied by the light and breathable microfiber which avoids sweat and enhance air circulation.

Serta executive comfy chair for back pain patients has easy controls and adjustments of the size and heights  you can adjust the height of the chair, back support, neck support and the arm rests through the specified levers with pneumatic  control.

The pneumatic gas control makes the adjustments easier and swifter. The levers work un easy operation and are reachable while sitting on the chair, enabling the relief of the user

The best office chair for back pain may also lean backward, by simply turning the tension knob. This can help you lay to lay straight and relax in the spare time and comfort your muscles

The comfortable arm rests can also help you to relax your arms after a prolonged typing session.

These exciting features make Serta executive chair, one of the best home chair that are specially designed for the pack pain patients. This can also be a helpful gaming chair.

Serta Executive Chair by Serta

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#9: flash furniture mid back

The flash furniture is known for producing the best furniture and interior décor items in the region. The mid back living room chair by the flash furniture holds the 9th place in our list. This chair is not only specific to living rooms, but has multiple applications and usages.

The best office chair for lower back pain is black in color with a mesh back. This helps the user to sit in a straight posture and maintain a harmony between the lower, mid and upper back.

Flash Furniture WA-3074-BK-GG Mid-Back Black

The ultra breathable mesh of the back support is very softy and flexible. It can also bend at different angles as per the need of the user to ensure maximum comfort.

The best computer chair for long hours has a weight carrying capacity of 200 pounds. It can attain a maximum height od 42.25 inches and can tilt to any angle required. The chair has a hydraulic system to control the weight and adjust the sizes.

The nice waterfall seat design provides a free and relaxed space to the thighs and divide the body pressure. The waterfall seat design is also effective in a sense that it also enhance the blood circulation of the body. The soft foam and breathable mesh helps greatly in a power nap and ensures maximum relaxation.

The back support for office chair is also adjustable at various points so the user can fix and control different aspects as per need. The lumbar support on the chair helps to prevent the lower back pain effectively.

The best office chair under 200 is available in 11 exciting and unique colors so it can easily adjust in your interior, enhancing the look of your area. The chair pays a lot to the price.

There are 5 dua caster and hooded wheels which move swiftly and smoothly over short distances in your workplace and helps you to move around in some small places.

These easy moving wheels helps you to move without getting up which ensures that tour back muscles are relaxed.

The chair can enhance the beauty of your room. The relaxing mesh back, comfortable arm rests and elegant appearance declares it as the 10th best living room chair for back pain patients.

#8: comfort products 60-5800T

The 8th position in our list is occupier with the comfy and cozy leather surfaced chair by the comfort products.

The comfort product is known to produce the best and most comfortable chair for reading furniture products since 1919. The leather surfaced comfy living room chair for the back pain patients is a popular product of the comfy products.

Comfort Products 60-5800T

The chair has a nice and soft black leather surface at the seating pan, back and the arm rests. The dense seating on ensures the best comfort of the user.

The chair is capable to support about 350 pounds of weight easily. The dense cushions at the back and the pan keeps the user upright and relaxed throughout long working hours.

The elegant waterfall seat design relaxes the legs by dividing the overall body pressure and keeping the body light and comfy. It also relieves the buttocks and relieves pain.

The chair has a built in lumbar support cushion below . This relieves the lower back lain to a great extent.

The chair has pneumatic control adjustments. The height of the chair can be adjusted efficiently through this pneumatic control which provides a swift increase or decrease in the chair adjustments from within the hand range.

The chair can provide a great stability to the user as it weighs 54 pounds after being assembled. The material and the formation of the chair is made up of chrome and leather paddings which provide easy stability.

The chair can also be leaned backward for a power nap. The comfortable arm rests also help in napping and after logs typing sessions.

The arm rests are adjusted in a proper position so they don’t provide a gap between the table and the person on the chair.

The chair also has a relaxing and neck rest which has an adjustable lever so the height of the neck rest at a comfortable level.

The chair has a relaxing and comfortable seating pan with layers of soft foam and cushion which makes it easy for the user to have a  relaxed and comfortable seating.

The chair has swiftly moving dual caster hooded wheels that are five in number. You can move in 360 degrees direction and can do nearby jobs without standing.

These comfortable and amazing features make this chair one of the best living room chairs for back lain patients.

#7: Herman miller Sayl

The best ergonomic office chair has been through a three year long innovation and change process when it has now become the chair to acquire the  7th position in our list.

The Herman Millar SAYL, known for its comfort, strength and durability holds the 7th position in the place, introducing a different chair with a newer look in the list.

herman miller sayl chair

This chair is specifically aimed to carry the weight and provide support in distributing the weight. The chair has a design and structure made after inspiration from the golden gate suspension bridge, making the chair look elegant and beautiful.

The chair is made up of soft but strong suspension fabric, which makes it retain its shape throughout. The rigid and firm back helps to keep the spine erect.

The chair is available in different colors, so you can choose any of your favorite one. There are dual color chairs as well which have varied seating pan and back rest colors.

This chair is made with the waterfall mechanism, so it enables a sitting of many hours. The chair can be locked at some specific positions as well, which makes it easier to carry and adjust.

The arm rest are easily adjustable and can be twisted in any direction, as per the need of the user, for the maximum comfort. The height of the arm rests can also be adjusted accordingly using the hand paddle.

An interesting fact about the Herman miller SAYL is that it is made up of very few materials. This, it can be dis-assembled to fit into small cartons and similarly, it is available in small carton boxes which is easily carried.

There are so many different angles that can be attained and the chair can be tilted to desired positions for a better comfort and posture.

The chair also has the features of dual caster wheels which helps in swift movement of the user over small distances.

The Herman miller SAYL is an effective chair which can help to relief the back pain in a comfortable and relaxing way.

#6: Best Home Massage Chair for Back Pain:Best Massage Shiatsu chair

This amazing chair is known as the best home massage chair that helps to relieve back pain.

The 6th position in our list is occupied by the robotic looking, best massage chair.

Best Massage Shiatsu chair

The chair has a comfortable and finely filled foam inside the chair. This chair is the best chair for back pain sufferers uk which is known for the back pain patients. This chair relieves spine and relaxes muscles.

The chair has a deep seating pain which is highly recommended for people with coccyx pains. The chair is available in three colors: black, burgundy and brown.

The chair is built with advanced technology with 30 air bags inside, which specifically target the entire back, shoulders, calves and neck. The arm rests also offer additional relief and provides a prolonged massage through out the spine, from neck to the tail bone.

The air bags are specially dedicated to provide a massage to the user. The chair divides the body pressure throughout and relaxes the whole body, ensuring the relaxation of lower body.

The chair has a double layered foam, which helps to keep the back in a perfect vertical position. This chair is a bit heavy in weight, weighing 185 pounds the chair is capable to carry 250 pounds of weight easily.

This automatic chair has different massaging options to consider. The few massaging modes are:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Power rollers
  • Percussion
  • Compression

These modes helps to relieve tension and drowsiness. This also release the mental stress and tension.

The power rollers in the chair can perform effective shiatsu which may helps to loosen the tight muscles and empower the body. The chair also targets the neck region specifically, which can relieve stress to a great extent and makes it to feel satisfying.

The massage chair is designed to target the ‘tsubo points’ specifically. These pounds are specially fixed to provide relaxation and relief in stress. The satisfying vibration motors of the chair provides comfort. The legs are also relaxed on air bags which relief the body.

This is  a highly recommended product with a high 5 start rating. This chair is very helpful to release stress and cure back pain and back injury. The chair is affordable and  comes with one year warranty as well.

This amazing chair us the most helpful and cheap massager, friendly to your pocket and your body as well. The back pain can vanish if you use this chair nicely!

#5: best selling devis fabric recliner

This amazing tear is known to be the best recliner for the back ache patients.

The Davis fabric recliner holds the fifth place in our list which shows that the chair is really good for people with back aches. Not only this, but the chair is also a nice furniture item for the living rooms and offices.

Best Selling Devis Fabric Recliner chair

The comforter chair with two broad arm rests are very comfy and satisfying. You can jump on this recliner after a busy day and have a relaxation. The chair has a wide seating pan which relieves the buttocks and also gives a wide area for the legs to relax.

The recliner has a solid frame which provides a nice power nap while working and relaxing as well.

The recliner has a uniform foam throughout. The back is relaxed through out and also relieves the body. The recliner is available in gray and beige colors which fit into the interior and also gives a soothing visual.

Another exciting thing can also be mentioned that the chair is accompanied with a folding leg rest. This can be attached and detached as per need. This folding foot rest provides a complete sleeping angle for rest or power nap.

The chair has been specially designed near the lumbar region to provide a comfortable seating and relieve pain. The wide arm rests support the arms effectively.

The recliner is made nicely to hide all the inner parts. The chair has a simple carriage and can be a best piece to lay on.

The chair us a stable and stiff furniture which wirghs65 pounds. The chair is an ideal seating solution for the lower back pain patients.

The chair is a great replacement to the large beds and resting chairs. This can be a great partner for the back ache patients.

#4: Relaxzen 60-42511105 Leisure Recliner Chair

The Relaxzen is known as the best home chair for the back ache patients .

The 4th place in our list occupied by the chair from the Relaxzen it has now become the matter of past and relaxing has become easier. This chair is one of the best living room chairs especially designed for the back ache patients.

Just sit on this exciting chair and relax your legs out. The comfy chair and the soft cushion lining right at the pressure tsubo points is ideal for the back pain cure. The chair also enhances the blood circulation throughout the body.

The chair is lined with the top quality leather and enhances the beauty of the chair. The foam at the back support ensures the vertical position of the spine and the shoulder.

The chair also hosts the comfortable broad arm rests which helps to release arm stress as you lay down or take rest on the Relaxzen linig room chair. The chair also has a leather pocket right below the arm rests so you can store your items like cell phone, television remotes etc. In it.

The chair is capable to support 300 pounds of weight. The chair is available in black and brown colors, so you can select the matching chair for your living room.

Relaxzen 60-42511105 Leisure Recliner Chairs

The Relaxzen has unique color option. The chair is also available in the camouflage designed cushions which matches your interior greatly.

The chair has a high back rest, measuring 27.5 inches. This chair is ideal for the normal size people. The chair also houses 4 sophisticated and critical massage spots.

There are 8 motors which carry out massage through vibration. The target areas are back, thighs and calves. The user is authorized to choose any of these independently.

The chair also features the replenishing heat treatment at the lumbar region to target and cure the  lower back pain region.

The additional foot rest has its own massage points so the user can have a better and nicer massage experience.

The chair has adjustment levers on either sides to adjust the tilt angles. The reclining features is swiftly controlled through the pneumatic adjustment levers.

The chair is also capable to move with its swift wheels. But the user must take care that the power plug is detached when he is wishing to move on the chair or the cord might get damaged.

The chair doesn’t move unnecessarily ensuring the comfort and relaxation of the user. The Relaxzen focusses on the customer feasibility and therefore, most of its products are highly sophisticated for their purpose.

The chair is capable to add comfort and ease to the lives of the user making it the 4th best living room chair for the lower back patients.

#3:X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair:

Known as the best lounge chair for the back pain patients, the X Rocker chair is relieving and comfortable innovation. The X Rocker with its exciting features and abilities make it stand at the 3rd position in our list.

The comfortable seat is made up of soft and smooth fabric  that attains the shape of the user’s back and the lumbar support also helps the person to have a full back support.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

There is a head rest as well which further contribute in increasing the relaxation extend. The chair is ideal for the gamers who play games for hours.

The chair is only 23 kg in weight, making it portable for carriage. The fixed arm rests at a nice position helps to relief arms whenever needed.

The chair also features rocking ability and angle. The chair can help you to have a quick nap after a heavy work without a bed.

There is a control panel on the chair as well. The panel is located at the right hand side which consist of separate volume keys and base control keys. The vibration intensity can also be controlled through the specified buttons on the same panel.

The chair also accepts the audio sources through the input-output jacks. These jacks can be helpful in multi player games enabling the similar beat audio throughout.

The chair also has a built in wireless transmitter-receiver setup. You can send audio to chair through any RCA device or the additional RCA cables provided.

The chair comes with its own assembly guide, making it easier for the user to assemble it.

The chair also has 4 speakers. This enhances the user’s experience of watching movies, playing games and listening music, as the speakers are positioned right below the seating pan for a better and louder sound quality.

The speakers also have a AFM technology (audio force modulation) that magnifies the around through the woofing speakers and increasing the overall sound intensity for games, movies and music.

The chair has vibration motors which provide a synced massage to your body accompanied with the music, creating a relaxing and soothing environment.

The chair pays the best to the price and cant be replaced by any other chair available in the market.

#2:flash furniture BT-7862-
best chair for back pain sufferers

The second spot on our list, stands the BT-7862 chair by the flash furniture. The flash furniture is specially known to target the customer preference and choice and provide a large variety of products for the customer’s ease.

The chair is the best used chair among the back ache patients. This living room chair is ideal to remove tiredness and  release stress after hours of heavy work. The high back ensures that the spine, shoulder and the head are at relaxed positions.

The chair has a soft head and lumbar support cushion. The chair has an appealing design and body which attracts the people to sit on it. The seating pan is very wide, about 27 inches broad. This ensures the relaxed leg movement.

The chair is available in five colors: black, brown, burgundy, cream and palomino, providing a variety to choose from to match your interior.

The chair is made up of a stain free fabric. Any stain or mark can be removed with a wet cotton cloth, restoring the original freshened look.

The chair also hosts arm rests which are positioned ideally to provide a relaxed arm position while resting. This is very helpful during a power nap.

The chair is accompanied with a foot rest as well. The foot rest is also made up of layered cushion and foam to ensure the maximum comfort and enhance the blood circulation.

The chair is one of the leading products of the flash furniture, which has aimed to restore the physical stability of the people again. This chair can be used very easily to restore the lost energy and expertise quickly.

The chair stand on a rigid round base, which avoids un-important movements and gives a nice stability. The chair remains static even of the user on it is in continuous movement.

The chair can also tilt and lean backward through the lever present at the right hand side to get a nice bedding.

The chair gives an option from 5 colors and a foot rest as well. The chair has a high back support, broad arm rests, comfy lumbar support and a head rest as well.

This chair enables you to lean at any angle. Just adjust the knob and fix the chair to your desired level. The chair is a great pay to the abilities and features.

#1: Oslo mac motion

The best chair for the lower back ache patients.

The number one in our list is the Oslo mac motion living room chair for the lower back pain patients. The chair is not just a treatment chair, but also a nice furniture item for your living room.

The best computer chair can restore your list energy after hours of hard work and hustle. The chair is made up of nice leather top with layered cushions and filled foam beneath. It relieves the back pain effectively.

There is a high back support in this chair which ensures to cover every spot of your body. The comfy head rest also take the responsibility of the head and neck. The curved shape also holds the back and the shoulders nicely.

The chair has foam filled broad arm rests to rest tour arms after long typing sessions, hasty works or during the power naps.

The wide and soft seating pan relieves your sore and tired butt and provides a comfortable support. The chair is accompanied with a curved and shaped foot rest which helps you to stretch your legs thoroughly and reduce the ankle pains.

Your body starts reviving as soon as you sit and lay comfily on this chair.

The comfy head rest supports and holds your head during the power naps. The chair can also lean backward to the desired angle to attain the best relaxation posture for you.

The chair can easily support heavy people and provide a lasting comfort with its soft and airy cushions.

The chair has a stiff wooden base which remains static all the time and provides maximum stability. The chair has nice colors which enhances the beauty of the living room and also relieves the patient.

The chair has a nice design which successfully attracts the people towards it. The elegance design, comfortable specifications and the shape make this chair to occupy the first place in our list of best living room chairs for back pain patients.


These products are easily available in the market and you can easily receive the best out of this least. These products have proven results for the back pain patients specially.

Now you may easily select one of these best living room chairs for you, as in this large list you are definitely going to find yours.

The chairs, whether it be of any kind relieves the person and provides a full body massage effectively and in affordable rates.

These chairs doesn’t compromise on quality and ability. This assurance makes them receive the trust of the people and has resulted in a higher reputation of these chairs.

You may easily buy any of these chairs just after saving a little amount of money.

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